Build mobile and desktop apps with .NET MAUI

Visual Studio

Learn how to use .NET MAUI to build apps that run on mobile devices and on the desktop using C# and Visual Studio. You'll learn the fundamentals of building an app with .NET MAUI and more advanced topics such as local data storage and invoking REST-based web services.


  • Visual Studio 2022 with the .NET MAUI workload installed
  • Familiarity with C# and .NET

Modules in this learning path

Learn how to use Visual Studio with .NET MAUI to create a cross-platform app.

Learn how to design a UI for a .NET MAUI app using XAML

Create consistent user interfaces across different devices by using StackLayout and Grid.

Learn how to use shared resources and styles in .NET MAUI XAML

Use .NET MAUI shell to create multi-page applications with tabs and flyout navigation.

Consume a REST web service by using HttpClient and perform basic CRUD operations. You'll detect when your device is connected to the internet to provide a good user experience and take advantage of the native networking stacks to get top performance.

Learn how to store and access data held in SQLite using a .NET MAUI app

Learn how to add data binding to your UI. With data binding, your UI automatically updates when the data changes. When data types don't match, you can use a converter to transform data for the UI.

Learn about the MVVM design pattern and how it can separate your business logic and user interface code. Learn how viewmodels are designed and why they're an important part of the pattern.