Build community-driven software projects on GitHub

DevOps Engineer
Solution Architect

Whether you manage enterprise or open-source software projects, learn how GitHub enables you to build communities that foster communication and collaboration while reinforcing recommended guidelines, codes of conduct, and security best practices.

In this learning path, you'll learn how to:

  • Build community involvement for both proprietary and open-source projects.
  • Choose whether your idea is a good candidate for an open-source project.
  • Move an existing project to GitHub from your personal computer or from a legacy version control system.
  • Keep your GitHub repository secure.
  • Contribute to an open-source project.


Modules in this learning path

Learn to use key GitHub features, including issues, notifications, branches, commits, and pull requests.

Learn to manage a successful InnerSource program on GitHub through effective discoverability, guidance, and maintenance.

Learn to create a successful open-source program by establishing contributor guidance, following proven processes, and by using community standards.

Learn to upload your existing project to GitHub.

Learn to move your existing project to GitHub from a legacy version control system.

In this module, you'll learn best practices for building, hosting, and maintaining a secure repository on GitHub.

Learn how to use GitHub to find open-source projects and tasks to contribute to. Discover how to create pull requests and communicate with project maintainers effectively to get your changes accepted. Learn about the benefits of getting involved with open-source communities.