Create classroom communities using social and emotional practices

K-12 Educator
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Social and emotional skills development is quickly taking center stage alongside cognitive skills, technical skills, and content knowledge in both the classroom and the workforce. Use this path to learn the fundamentals of how technology helps support social emotional learning in the classroom. Creating a strong community begins with mindfulness. It continues by supporting students through the use of social emotional learning techniques. Flip helps engage students in meaningful ways through reflection activities. Lastly, we tie it all together by empowering educators in the hybrid classroom environment.

Additional resources

The mindfulness in Minecraft module can enable social and emotional learning in the classroom: Explore social emotional learning: Mindfulness in Minecraft: Education Edition

Partner modules focused on SEL: Creative expression and social emotional learning with BunceeEnhance social and emotional learning (SEL) with School Day

Learning objectives

  • Describe how social and emotional learning practices benefit the classroom environment through having impact on student behavior, higher test scores, and overall student well-being.
  • Apply technology, for example Microsoft Teams, Flipgrid, and Reflection, to create a classroom community centered on collaboration, communication, and creativity.
  • Create student-centered classroom environments based on social and emotional skill development to increase the emotional intelligence students will need for their future.



Modules in this learning path

This module introduces social and emotional learning and gives practical ways to use Microsoft tools such as Minecraft and Flip to augment and enhance learning.

This module provides educators practical ways to organize their remote learning experience in order to foster strong connections between students and teachers and to keep students engaged. Educators will learn how to use Microsoft Teams, Stream, OneNote Class Notebook, and Flip to engage students and foster connections with the school community from afar.

Integrate Flip into your classroom and beyond to empower every voice. Educators of all subject areas, early grades through higher education, explore Flip ideas and resources from educators around the world.

This module introduces educators to the hybrid learning model. Educators will learn about the five elements of hybrid learning, how to implement them, and how to use Microsoft Teams to create a dynamic learning environment for their students.