Protect on-premises identities with Microsoft Defender for Cloud for Identity

Security Operations Analyst
Security Engineer
Microsoft 365
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Defender for Identity is a cloud-based solution to protect on-premises and hybrid identities. Defender for Identity can act both proactively, to eliminate vulnerabilities, and reactively, to detect active threats.


  • An understanding of basic security concepts

Modules in this learning path

Get an introduction to Microsoft Defender for Identity and its capabilities that help you to protect your users' identities by monitoring profile user behavior and activities and protecting hybrid environments.

Get an overview of the concepts and tools that will help you implement Microsoft Defender for Identity in your organization including components, such as the sensors, the portal, capacity planning, the setup process, and more.

Learn how Microsoft Defender for Identity helps you to protect your environment against different types of threats by enabling you to detect and investigate attempts to compromise credentials, lateral movement attacks, reconnaissance activity, and more.