Deploying and running Java applications in Azure Spring Apps

Azure Spring Apps

Learn how to plan a Java application migration to Azure Spring Apps using Azure Service Bus and Azure Event Hubs. This learning path guides you through migrating and deploying Java applications to Azure Spring Apps.


  • At least one year of experience developing scalable solutions through all phases of software development.
  • Have a base understanding of Azure and cloud concepts, services, and the Azure portal.
  • Intermediate-level familiarity with and local installations of the following tools: Apache Maven, Git, Java JDK 8 or later, and a Java IDE or text editor
  • If you are new to Azure, or cloud computing, it is recommended you complete the AZ-900: Azure Fundamentals course.

Modules in this learning path

This module helps you to plan the migration of the PetClinic sample app to Azure. You'll see how services are deployed to Azure with Azure Spring Apps capabilities, including config server, logs, and distributed tracing.

In this module, you'll create a git repo. Once created, the git repo, you'll create a config server for your Spring Cloud instance to connect to your repo. You'll then create a MySQL database service.

Now that everything is up and running, it’s important to monitor application availability. Monitoring helps you determine errors or exceptions within your applications. In this exercise, you'll add end-to-end monitoring to your applications.

You're now running a version of the spring-petclinic microservice application in Azure. You want a better way to protect application secrets like your database connection string. In this module, you'll better protect your application secrets.

At this point, you've deployed the Spring Petclinic application, and the services are running. In this module, you'll be using Azure Service Bus to test an existing microservice and update another microservice to utilize queues.

Now that you've set up messaging for the Spring Petclinic application, the next thing you'll do is configure Azure Event Hubs. Event Hubs is a fully managed, real-time data ingestion service that’s trusted and scalable.

You have now set up your Spring Petclinic application in Azure and secured the secrets used by the microservices. In this module, you'll learn how to add a Web Application Firewall to your setup.

You now have an Azure Spring Apps application deployed into a virtual network. In this module, you'll implement a configuration in which only connections that originate from within your virtual network are accepted.