Implement Real-Time Analytics with Microsoft Fabric

Data Analyst
Data Engineer
Microsoft Fabric

In this learning path, the student is exposed to various ways to:

  • Source streaming data sources into Microsoft Fabric.
  • Use real time Eventstream in Microsoft Fabric.
  • Query data in a KQL database in Microsoft Fabric.
  • Create real time dashboards in Microsoft Fabric.


The student should be able to:

  • Log in to the Azure portal.
  • Explain and create resource groups.
  • Understand the concept of streaming data.

Modules in this learning path

Analysis of real-time data streams is a critical capability for any modern data analytics solution. You can use the Real-Time Analytics capabilities of Microsoft Fabric to ingest, query, and process streams of data.

This module is an introduction to the Microsoft Fabric Eventstream within Real-Time Analytics (RTA)

This tutorial provides a brief introduction to KQL (Kusto Query Language) queries using Querysets and the major differences between KQL and T-SQL when using Querysets.