Start using buttons in Power Automate

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Do you want to create button flows to solve business problems? Then, take this learning path, which introduces you to Power Automate buttons and demonstrates how to create button flows.


  • A basic understanding of Microsoft Power Automate, understanding how to create an event-driven flow and a working mobile device with a Power Automate license.

Modules in this learning path

Do you want to learn about how to use buttons in Power Automate? This module focuses on introducing the basics of flow buttons, the different types of buttons, using trigger tokens, sharing buttons with other users, and using buttons in the Power Automate mobile app.

Do you want to create a Power Automate button flow? This module will focus on Power Automate buttons that don’t require user input and run a predefined series of actions.

Some Power Automate button flows allow for user input and runs a predefined series of actions. This type of flow button provides the input that is necessary to run the predefined actions in the flow. It shows users how they can create a flow button that runs different logic based on the provided inputs.

Microsoft Power Automate Buttons that run with user input are a powerful tool to execute both simple and complex business logic using information provided by the User at the time the Button Flow is run.

Power Automate Buttons are the way flow can be executed on demand and represent one of two ways that Power Automates can be constructed. Most people starting with Power Automate work with event driven flows. This module will get people acquainted with the connection, monitoring and security capabilities of a Power Automate Button. It sets up the learning process for the other modules.