Microsoft 365 - Modernize your enterprise deployment with Windows devices and Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft 365
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Microsoft 365 helps you create a secure, always-up-to-date environment by using Windows devices that run Microsoft 365 Apps and are managed by Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security. Learn the recommended steps to upgrade your organization to Windows devices and Microsoft 365 Apps, including how to leverage your existing tools and processes while adopting modern management technology and approaches along the way. This learning path can help you prepare for the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Associate certification.


  • Basic understanding of Microsoft 365.

Modules in this learning path

When refreshing or replacing PCs, it is important to give users a like-for-like experience on their new device to minimize productivity downtime. Whether using a manual or automated process, learn about the different options for ensuring users’ files and settings have been captured and migrated.