Design and configure Microsoft Teams Rooms

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Microsoft Teams

Design and configure Microsoft Teams Rooms introduces you to the features and capabilities of Microsoft Teams Rooms. You’ll learn how you can use Teams Rooms to enhance your in-room meeting experiences by understanding its core components and how they fit into meeting room spaces of all sizes. You’ll learn how to create the accounts required for Teams Rooms and understand how to properly configure the Teams Rooms app. You’ll also look at maintenance and monitoring of Teams Rooms including using Microsoft Teams admin center and other tools like Microsoft Endpoint Manager. You’ll gain an understanding of how Teams Rooms provides a comprehensive and flexible environment for collaboration across various meeting spaces.


  • Familiarity with Microsoft Teams

Modules in this learning path

Learn what Microsoft Teams meetings are, what defines Microsoft Teams devices, and what the basic requirements are for setting up Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Learn about the global Microsoft 365 network and how you can optimize your organizational network to maximize performance when accessing Microsoft Teams meetings.

Learn about the necessary hardware components and how to choose them when designing Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Learn to simplify the distribution of Teams Rooms across your environment by standardizing deployments. Discover the various components of Teams Rooms and their interconnections. Learn about the resource account, which represents the meeting room in Microsoft Teams.

Start and configure Microsoft Teams Rooms guides you through the configuration and testing steps to get Teams Rooms ready for production. You’ll learn about the out-of-box experience, key actions to take, and validation of the essential Teams Rooms features.

Learn about Microsoft Teams Rooms management choices-unmanaged, on-premises, hybrid, Microsoft 365, and the Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium managed service option. Understand which tools to use and when to use them. Learn some basic troubleshooting techniques in a Teams Rooms meeting.

Learn how to manage the underlying Microsoft Windows operating system on Microsoft Teams Rooms devices. Discover the tools and best practices for managing Windows on Teams Rooms devices and which tools to use. Explore how Teams Room stays updated with the latest Windows patches and versions.

Learn about the available Microsoft Teams end-user adoption tools and how to educate your users on their benefits. Learn how to operate and manage Teams Rooms in a production environment. Discover how to troubleshoot common issues with Microsoft Teams Rooms.