Manage permissions and administration for Dataverse

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Do you need to manage user access rights? In this learning path, you will learn how to manage permissions associated with environments and entities. You will also learn about different administrative portals and how to access each.

This learning path can help you prepare for the Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Associate certification.


  • Many of the capabilities and exercises within this learning path require you to be a member of the Administrator Role in an environment AND you must have a valid Power Apps license. If you have not been added to the Administrator role or do not have Power Apps license assigned to you, you should create a personal environment by accessing the Community Power Apps plan and setting up a personal environment by following the directions referenced in the summary section of module one. The Community plan will allow you to use one environment (your Developer environment), create an instance Of Dataverse and access all capabilities of a Power Apps license. Sign up for a Community Power Apps plan now using the link in the summary section of this module one if you want to follow along with the instructions outlined in this learning path. Restrictions - The Community Power Apps plan lets you try out aspects of Power Apps and Dataverse but you cannot use it for productions solutions and you cannot publish and share any Power Apps you create in this environment.

Modules in this learning path

Do you want to use security roles to limit user permissions? This module will show you how you can set permissions to limit access to an environment. Or limit which users can view, edit, or delete data in an environment within Dataverse.

Do you need to use administration options that are available for Dataverse? This module will show you how you can use solutions within Dataverse and administer environments.