Model, query, and explore data in Azure Synapse

Data Analyst
Data Engineer
Azure Synapse Analytics

Query and explore data in Azure Synapse Analytics. You'll learn how to query and visualize data in a data lake and a data warehouse. This learning path helps you prepare for the Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Certification.


You should have experience using Azure data services. If you have no previous Azure data experience, we recommend you complete the Azure Data Fundamentals: Explore core data concepts learning path before starting this one.

Modules in this learning path

Learn about the features and capabilities of Azure Synapse Analytics - a cloud-based platform for big data processing and analysis.

With Azure Synapse serverless SQL pool, you can leverage your SQL skills to explore and analyze data in files, without the need to load the data into a relational database.

Apache Spark is a core technology for large-scale data analytics. Learn how to use Spark in Azure Synapse Analytics to analyze and visualize data in a data lake.

Relational data warehouses are a core element of most enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, and are used as the basis for data models, reports, and analysis.