Monitor the usage, performance, and availability of resources with Azure Monitor

Solution Architect

Learn how to monitor the usage, performance, and availability of resources using Azure Monitor


  • Basic knowledge of Azure services
  • Basic knowledge of monitoring concepts, such as using metrics, logging, and alerting

Modules in this learning path

Learn about Azure Monitor and how provides insights into your Azure resource performance and operations.

Use monitoring services on Azure to bring operational excellence to your applications and infrastructure.

Evaluate monitoring options for an Azure virtual machine (VM). Enable diagnostics to get data about your VM. View VM metrics in Azure Metrics Explorer. Create a metric alert to monitor performance.

Application Insights is an Azure service that you can use to monitor the behavior and performance of a web application. If you run a web app in Azure, you can take advantage of several benefits provided by Application Insights simply by enabling it, without changing any of your code. When you complete this module, you'll know how to enable Application Insights and client-side monitoring and view metrics in the portal.

Deploy monitoring for workloads on virtual machines. Set up a log analytics workspace, onboard virtual machines to Azure Monitor VM Insights, and build log queries by using Kusto Query Language.

Use Azure Monitor logs to extract valuable information about your infrastructure from log data.

Respond to incidents and activities in your infrastructure through alerting capabilities in Azure Monitor.