Work with Power Automate for desktop

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Power Automate

Work with Power Automate for desktop options, flows, recording features, conditions, loops, variables, images, and error and exception handling.


  • Basic familiarity with Power Automate for desktop

Modules in this learning path

In flow development, you may need to reuse information in various actions. Variables act like storage bins that save valuable information for later use when a flow is running.

Loops are used to automate repetitive tasks by executing a block of actions multiple times.

Conditional actions allow you to modify flow actions at runtime, based on information available in the environment.

The ability to alter the order in which actions and functions are implemented is called flow control. Power Automate for desktop enables flow control through the flow control actions.

The recorder can be used to automatically generate blocks of actions, based on the user's interaction with the workstation.

Exception handling is a mechanism that allows Power Automate for desktop to handle and recover from unexpected circumstances and issues that might occur during a flow run.