Process financial periodic activities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Business User
Dynamics 365
Business Central

Are you responsible for period and year-end closing processes? Complete this module, which discusses how to send reminders and finance charge memos to customers. It also discusses Intrastat processing and reporting, and closing a fiscal year.


  • A good understanding of Business Central and the chart of accounts
  • Basic understanding of the customer invoice and payment processes in Business Central

Modules in this learning path

Do you want to know how to notify your customers of overdue invoices? If so, complete this module to discover how you can send reminders to customers. Additionally, this module explains how to set up reminder terms and to create reminders and send them to customers.

Do you want to discover how to charge interest for overdue sales invoices? You can use finance charge memos to charge interest to customers. This module focuses on how to set up finance charge terms and how to create and send finance charge memos to customers.

Do you want to know how to process Intrastat in Business Central? Intrastat is a required reporting process for all European Union (EU) companies that trade with other EU countries or regions. This module provides an overview of how to set up Intrastat and explains how to run and submit Intrastat reports in Business Central.

Do you want to discover what steps to take to close a fiscal year in Business Central? The year-end closing processes in Business Central are the final steps in the fiscal year. This module explains how to create and manage accounting periods and how to close a fiscal year.