Start in tech as an intern


A great way to start in tech is by landing a position as an intern. But how do you that? To get there, you need to consider things like, crafting a resume and passing an intern interview. Once an intern, you want to make sure that position turns into a full-time position in tech.

In this Learning path you'll learn how to:

  • Build your resume.
  • Interview for your internship position.
  • Turn your internship into a full-time position.


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Modules in this learning path

Getting noticed by prospective employers is the first step toward landing a job in tech. This module offers plenty of helpful tips and strategies.

In this module, you'll learn how to prepare for technical and nontechnical interviews. You'll also get recommendations on how to best carry out an interview.

You've landed your first job in tech as an intern, so now what? Learn strategies to growth-hack your career to ensure that you'll get an offer to join the company full-time after the internship is over.