Get Started with SharePoint Syntex

Business User
Microsoft 365

Learn to use SharePoint Syntex to manage content using AI. This learning path will teach how you can use document understanding and form processing models to classify documents, extract text, and label your documents for quick and easy knowledge management.



Modules in this learning path

Learn about SharePoint Syntex, including the business problem it solves, how it works, and common scenarios for use.

Develop a plan to administer and use SharePoint Syntex for your specific organization's content understanding solution needs and requirements.

Set up SharePoint Syntex for your organization's specific document understanding solution needs and requirements.

Learn to create and apply a document understanding model, prepare a training set, build a classifier model, train a classifier, and apply the model to a library.

Identify a scenario where a form processing model is necessary and learn how to resolve this scenario by creating a form processing model, train and test the form processing model, and apply the form processing model to the appropriate SharePoint document library.