Troubleshoot Microsoft Exchange Online

Support Engineer
Azure Active Directory
Microsoft Defender for Office 365
Exchange Server
Microsoft Exchange Online

Learn how to solve a broad range of problems that can arise in organizations using Exchange. In this learning path, you’ll troubleshoot many aspects of Exchange, including mail flow, compliance, recipient problems, and cloud/on-premises hybrid configurations.


  • Experience with PowerShell and the Exchange PowerShell module.
  • Significant experience deploying, managing, and troubleshooting Exchange environments.

Modules in this learning path

Investigate and diagnose problems with email flow in your Exchange Online organization. Find issues caused by incorrect transport rules, DNS records, message headers, and other causes.

Investigate and diagnose why emails are prevented from arriving at their intended destination because of inbox rules, Microsoft Defender for Office 365, spam filter policies, and other Exchange Online features.

Investigate and diagnose problems with compliance and item retention in your Exchange Online organization, including incorrect retention policies, problems with eDiscovery, and inappropriate holds.

Investigate and diagnose misconfigured encryption, auditing, and journaling in your Exchange Online organization.

Investigate and diagnose problems that desktop and laptop computer users have when connecting their Outlook client to Exchange Online.

Investigate and diagnose problems that users may experience when they use mobile phones, tablets, and other devices to access Exchange Online.

Investigate and diagnose Exchange Online configuration issues including provisioning errors, recipient issues, address book membership, and public folder settings.

Investigate and diagnose problems in an Exchange Online and Exchange Server hybrid organization, including mail flow problems, synchronization issues, and migration failures.