Work with semantic models in Microsoft Fabric

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Data Engineer
Power BI
Microsoft Fabric

Designing reports for enterprise scale requires more than just connecting to data. Understanding semantic models and strategies for scalability and optimization are key to a successful enterprise implementation. This learning path helps you prepare for the Fabric Analytics Engineer Certification.


Familiarity with Microsoft Fabric:

Modules in this learning path

Scalable data models enable enterprise-scale analytics in Power BI. Implement data modeling best practices, use large dataset storage format, and practice building a star schema to design analytics solutions that can scale.

Power BI model relationships form the basis of a tabular model. Define Power BI model relationships, set up relationships, recognize DAX relationship functions, and describe relationship evaluation.

Use tools to develop, manage, and optimize Power BI data model and DAX query performance.

Enforce model security in Power BI using row-level security and object-level security.