Work with different technologies in WinAutomation

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This Learning Path covers technologies used with WinAutomation. Learn how to automate email handling, Excel, user interface, and system services in this path.


Basic familiarity with WinAutomation.

Modules in this learning path

Using email services is common in business procedures and critical for most organizations. WinAutomation offers various actions that enable email handling for webmail services, Microsoft Outlook, and Exchange servers.

WinAutomation provides an extensive variety of Microsoft Excel actions to help you read and manipulate Excel files.

WinAutomation supports the automation of miscellaneous tasks, which are fundamental to the Microsoft Windows operating system, through the system and services actions.

Manipulating files and folders is a fundamental part of most business processes. WinAutomation provides the files and folders actions to help accomplish this task.

UI elements are identified through controls, which can be captured and used in UI/Windows-related actions.

Web applications are critical components of most organizations. WinAutomation supports the automation of all major browsers through its web automation actions.