What's new in BlueStripe FactFinder 8.1

This article describes the Web console and FactFinder Rest API in BlueStripe FactFinder 8.1.

Original product version:   BlueStripe
Original KB number:   3134893

Web console

BlueStripe FactFinder 8.1 includes a Web console interface to the management server. The Web console includes application and server lists and maps, Application dashboards, and a subset of the administrator functions. Point your browser to https://<ManagementServer>:8443/console to access the Web console.

The original Health Monitoring dashboard is now included as part of the new Web console or it can be accessed directly via https://<ManagementServer>:8443/execdashboard.

FactFinder Rest API

The Rest API provides access to live FactFinder performance, dependency, and application data. This API can be used for analytics and reporting on server dependencies, application discovery, capacity planning, performance benchmarking, configuration analysis, and many other use cases. You can access the Rest API documentation from the About box in the Web console, or https://<ManagementServer>:8443/apidoc.

There are a number of new options to support the Web console in the FactFinderMS.properties file. If you upgrade the management server, these options will not get added to your current config, but can be copied over from the FactFinderMS.properties.new file. These options are the default values used when they're not specified in the property file.

  • Default ports for the embedded web server


  • Timeout for connections to the web server (milliseconds)

    bluestripe.web.idleTimeout = 60000

  • Authentication for the Web console and API

    bluestripe.web.api.auth.user.enabled = true

  • Disables HTTPS if it's set to true

    bluestripe.web.api.http.enabled = false

  • HTTP Access Control (CORS): Comma-separated list of hosts to allows cross domain access

    bluestripe.web.api.cors.origins =