BackgroundTaskBuilder.IsNetworkRequested Property


Indicates whether to keep the network up while running the background task.

 property bool IsNetworkRequested { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
bool IsNetworkRequested();

void IsNetworkRequested(bool value);
public bool IsNetworkRequested { get; set; }
var boolean = backgroundTaskBuilder.isNetworkRequested;
backgroundTaskBuilder.isNetworkRequested = boolean;
Public Property IsNetworkRequested As Boolean

Property Value



True: ensure that the network is up while running the background task. False, otherwise.


This property is applicable to desktops computers on which disconnected standby is implemented. Setting this property to true keeps the network up while the background task is executing, even if the device has entered Connected Standby mode.

The WinMain application components in Desktop Bridge applications may not execute code in disconnected standby or connected standby. WinMain components using COM background tasks will not observe any behavioral differences when setting this flag.

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