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DataPackage.SetApplicationLink(Uri) Method


Sets the application link that a DataPackage contains.

 virtual void SetApplicationLink(Uri ^ value) = SetApplicationLink;
void SetApplicationLink(Uri const& value);
public void SetApplicationLink(System.Uri value);
function setApplicationLink(value)
Public Sub SetApplicationLink (value As Uri)


Uri Uri

A Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) with a scheme that isn't http or https that's handled by the source app.


Whenever possible, you should set this property. This Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) represents a deep link that takes the user back to the currently displayed content. A source app provides a value for this property, and a target app reads the value. Use this property to indicate the source of the shared content.

The scheme of this Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) must not be http or https. The app sharing this Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) must be capable of being the default handler, although it may not be set as the default handler.

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