CurrentAppSimulator.AppId Property


Gets a simulated app ID. Since CurrentAppSimulator is intended only for testing during app development, the returned CurrentAppSimulator.AppId will contain only 0's.

Once your app is listed on the Windows Store, CurrentApp.AppId will get the GUID generated during app on-boarding and used to list your app within the Windows Store catalog.


App updates or changes to the app description will not result in a change to the CurrentApp.AppId.

 static property Platform::Guid AppId { Platform::Guid get(); };
static winrt::guid AppId();
public static Guid AppId { get; }
var guid = CurrentAppSimulator.appId;
Public Shared ReadOnly Property AppId As Guid

Property Value




The GUID that identifies the app in the Windows Store.


Uses the AppId element in the WindowsStoreProxy.xml file as the data source for the members of the returned object. For more information, see Using the WindowsStoreProxy.xml file with CurrentAppSimulator.

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