GeofenceStateChangeReport.RemovalReason Property


Indicates the reason a Geofence was removed.

 property GeofenceRemovalReason RemovalReason { GeofenceRemovalReason get(); };
GeofenceRemovalReason RemovalReason();
public GeofenceRemovalReason RemovalReason { get; }
var geofenceRemovalReason = geofenceStateChangeReport.removalReason;
Public ReadOnly Property RemovalReason As GeofenceRemovalReason

Property Value


Indicates the reason a geofence was removed.

Windows requirements

App capabilities


This property defaults to a value of Used. You should ignore this property unless the Geofence has changed state to being Removed.

Removal event notifications can happen when the app is in the foreground or the background. However, removal events themselves do not fire the trigger when the app is in the background. This means that background apps cannot use the removal event to wake up the app. When an app comes back from being in the background, it can see the removal event that occurred waiting in the GeofenceStateChangeReports.

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