Accelerometer.ReportLatency Property


Gets or sets the delay between batches of sensor information.

 property unsigned int ReportLatency { unsigned int get(); void set(unsigned int value); };
uint32_t ReportLatency();

void ReportLatency(uint32_t value);
public uint ReportLatency { get; set; }
var uInt32 = accelerometer.reportLatency;
accelerometer.reportLatency = uInt32;
Public Property ReportLatency As UInteger

Property Value


unsigned int


The delay between batches of sensor information in milliseconds.


This property is in reference to the frequency of ReadingChanged events.

Not all sensors support ReportLatency. If the sensor does not support this property, it will function the same as if you set this value to 0. Setting this value to 0 will use the default latency for the sensor.

If you set ReportLatency to a value higher than the maximum supported latency, the sensor will use the maximum supported latency. However, this property will not change in value. The maximum possible ReportLatency equals the MaxBatchSize times the ReportInterval.

Be aware that multiple applications could be dependent on a single sensor. Each of those applications can set a different value for ReportLatency. In this scenario, the sensor needs to try to accommodate the lowest value for ReportLatency. Because of this, the actual latency may not match the latency defined by this property in your application. This property corresponds to your ideal latency, which may not be the same latency on the sensor.

For more information about sensor batching, see Sensors.

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