MediaSourceAudioInputNode.EffectDefinitions Property


Gets the list of effect definitions for the MediaSource node. The effects in the list process audio data that flows through the node in the order in which they appear in the list.

 property IVector<IAudioEffectDefinition ^> ^ EffectDefinitions { IVector<IAudioEffectDefinition ^> ^ get(); };
IVector<IAudioEffectDefinition> EffectDefinitions();
public IList<IAudioEffectDefinition> EffectDefinitions { get; }
var iVector = mediaSourceAudioInputNode.effectDefinitions;
Public ReadOnly Property EffectDefinitions As IList(Of IAudioEffectDefinition)

Property Value



The list of effect definitions for the node.



To add an audio effect to the node, add an object that implements IAudioEffectDefinition to the EffectDefinitions property. You can disable effects by passing a previously added effect definition to the DisableEffectsByDefinition method. Reenable a disabled effect by passing the definition to EnableEffectsByDefinition.

Several platform-provided effects can be found in the Windows.Media.Audio namespace. These include:

Also, you can create your own custom audio effects by creating a Windows Runtime component that implements the IBasicAudioEffect interface. For a walkthrough of creating a custom audio effect, see Custom audio effects.

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