VideoDeviceController.SetMediaStreamPropertiesAsync Method


Sets the encoding properties asynchronously for the specified media stream type for the video device.

 virtual IAsyncAction ^ SetMediaStreamPropertiesAsync(MediaStreamType mediaStreamType, IMediaEncodingProperties ^ mediaEncodingProperties) = SetMediaStreamPropertiesAsync;
IAsyncAction SetMediaStreamPropertiesAsync(MediaStreamType const& mediaStreamType, IMediaEncodingProperties const& mediaEncodingProperties);
public IAsyncAction SetMediaStreamPropertiesAsync(MediaStreamType mediaStreamType, IMediaEncodingProperties mediaEncodingProperties);
function setMediaStreamPropertiesAsync(mediaStreamType, mediaEncodingProperties)
Public Function SetMediaStreamPropertiesAsync (mediaStreamType As MediaStreamType, mediaEncodingProperties As IMediaEncodingProperties) As IAsyncAction



The type of media stream for which to set the properties.


The encoding properties to set.


An IAsyncAction object that is used to control the asynchronous operation.



This method sets the properties on the media source, which is the video capture device. This is unlike MediaCapture.SetEncodingPropertiesAsync, which changes the properties of the media encoding. For this reason, with SetMediaStreamPropertiesAsync you can only set properties and values that are supported natively by the capture device. Get a list of a capture device's supported resolutions, frame rates, and other properties by calling GetAvailableMediaStreamProperties. The benefit of setting the capture device properties instead of the media encoding is that the device only needs to generate enough data for the specified resolution, which can provide better performance than capturing at a high resolution and then downscaling at another point in the media capture pipeline. For more information, see Set format, resolution, and frame rate for MediaCapture and the Camera Resolution Sample.

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