ContainerEncodingProperties.Subtype Property


Gets or sets the subtype of the media container.

 property Platform::String ^ Subtype { Platform::String ^ get(); void set(Platform::String ^ value); };
winrt::hstring Subtype();

void Subtype(winrt::hstring value);
public string Subtype { get; set; }
var string = containerEncodingProperties.subtype;
containerEncodingProperties.subtype = string;
Public Property Subtype As String

Property Value


The subtype.



The value can be the string representation of a GUID in canonical form, or one of the predefined values listed in the following table.

Subtype GUID
ASF 430f6f6e-b6bf-4fc1-a0bd-9ee46eee2afb
MP3 e438b912-83f1-4de6-9e3a-9ffbc6dd24d1
MPEG4 dc6cd05d-b9d0-40ef-bd35-fa622c1ab28a
AVI 7edfe8af-402f-4d76-a33c-619fd157d0f1
MPEG2 bfc2dbf9-7bb4-4f8f-afde-e112c44ba882
WAVE 64c3453c-0f26-4741-be63-87bdf8bb935b
AACADTS 132fd27d-0f02-43de-a301-38fbbbb3834e
ADTS 132fd27d-0f02-43de-a301-38fbbbb3834e
3GP 34c50167-4472-4f34-9ea0-c49fbacf037d
AMR 025d5ad3-621a-475b-964d-66b1c824f079
FLAC 31344aa3-05a9-42b5-901b-8e9d4257f75e


The string values returned by the MediaEncodingSubtypes properties may not use the same letter casing as AudioEncodingProperties.Subtype, VideoEncodingProperties.Subtype, ContainerEncodingProperties.Subtype, and ImageEncodingProperties.Subtype. For this reason, if you compare the values, you should use a case-insensitive comparison or use hardcoded strings that match the casing returned by the encoding properties.

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