BackgroundDownloader.SuccessTileNotification Property


Gets or sets the TileNotification used to define the visuals, identification tag, and expiration time of a tile notification used to update the app tile when indicating success of a download to the user.

 property TileNotification ^ SuccessTileNotification { TileNotification ^ get(); void set(TileNotification ^ value); };
TileNotification SuccessTileNotification();

void SuccessTileNotification(TileNotification value);
public TileNotification SuccessTileNotification { get; set; }
var tileNotification = backgroundDownloader.successTileNotification;
backgroundDownloader.successTileNotification = tileNotification;
Public Property SuccessTileNotification As TileNotification

Property Value

The TileNotification used to indicate download success.

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