BackgroundUploader.SuccessToastNotification Property


Gets or sets the ToastNotification that defines the content, associated metadata, and events used in a toast notification to indicate success of an upload to the user.

 property ToastNotification ^ SuccessToastNotification { ToastNotification ^ get(); void set(ToastNotification ^ value); };
ToastNotification SuccessToastNotification();

void SuccessToastNotification(ToastNotification value);
public ToastNotification SuccessToastNotification { get; set; }
var toastNotification = backgroundUploader.successToastNotification;
backgroundUploader.successToastNotification = toastNotification;
Public Property SuccessToastNotification As ToastNotification

Property Value

The ToastNotification used to indicate upload success.


An app that uses Windows.Networking.BackgroundTransfer to communicate through a toast notification must declare that it is Toast capable in the app manifest file. The Toast capable setting is located under the Notifications section of Application tab. Set the Toast capable option to "Yes" so the app can receive toast notifications.

If Toast capable is not enabled in the app manifest, then any toast settings in the Windows.Networking.BackgroundTransfer namespace will be silently ignored and no toasts notifications will be received by the app.


A user can manually disable or enable toast notifications for your app at any time.

For more information on toast notifications, see Sending toast notifications and How to opt in for toast notifications.

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