DownloadOperation.RequestedUri Property


Gets the URI from which to download the file.

 property Uri ^ RequestedUri { Uri ^ get(); };
 property Uri ^ RequestedUri { Uri ^ get(); void set(Uri ^ value); };
Uri RequestedUri();
Uri RequestedUri();

void RequestedUri(Uri value);
public System.Uri RequestedUri { get; }
public System.Uri RequestedUri { get; set; }
var uri = downloadOperation.requestedUri;
var uri = downloadOperation.requestedUri;
downloadOperation.requestedUri = uri;
Public ReadOnly Property RequestedUri As Uri
Public Property RequestedUri As Uri

Property Value

The URI to download from.



The URI can be updated in for transfers that have hit a recoverable error (PausedRecoverableWebErrorStatus), or that have explicitly paused by the app (PausedByApplication). Once the URI has been updated, the app must call DownloadOperation.Resume to initiate a retry.

Due to OS limitations, downloads that don't opt into random access mode will always restart from scratch whenever their URL is updated. To opt into random access mode, set DownloadOperation.IsRandomAccessRequired to true. Transfers configured that way have full support for resumable URL updates. If the timestamp or file size of the updated URL is different from that of the previous URL, the download will restart from scratch. Otherwise, the transfer will resume from the same position using the new URL.

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