ControlChannelTrigger.KeepAliveTrigger Property


Gets an object that represents the keep-alive trigger associated with the ControlChannelTrigger object that an app should use to bind the activation class with the background broker infrastructure.


The ControlChannelTrigger class is not supported on Windows Phone.

 property IBackgroundTrigger ^ KeepAliveTrigger { IBackgroundTrigger ^ get(); };
IBackgroundTrigger KeepAliveTrigger();
public IBackgroundTrigger KeepAliveTrigger { get; }
var iBackgroundTrigger = controlChannelTrigger.keepAliveTrigger;
Public ReadOnly Property KeepAliveTrigger As IBackgroundTrigger

Property Value

A string that represents the activation class ID for the keep-alive background task.

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