FindAllWebAccountsStatus Enum


Contains values that describe the result of a web account enumeration operation (see the FindAllAccountsAsync method).

public enum class FindAllWebAccountsStatus
/// [Windows.Foundation.Metadata.ContractVersion(Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract, 393216)]
enum class FindAllWebAccountsStatus
[Windows.Foundation.Metadata.ContractVersion(typeof(Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract), 393216)]
public enum FindAllWebAccountsStatus
var value = Windows.Security.Authentication.Web.Core.FindAllWebAccountsStatus.success
Public Enum FindAllWebAccountsStatus

Windows requirements

Device family
Windows 10, version 1803 (introduced in 10.0.17134.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced in v6.0)


NotAllowedByProvider 1

This application is not authenticated to enumerating the list of accounts. Developers must whitelist their apps with the identity provider before they can try to enumerate accounts

NotSupportedByProvider 2

The identity provider does not support the account enumeration. For now only inbox providers like MSA and AAD support this operation

ProviderError 3

There was an error with the identity provider. Get the ProviderError property of the FindAllAccountsResult object for more information.

Success 0

The enumeration was successful.

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