KeyDerivationAlgorithmNames.Sp800108CtrHmacSha256 Property


Retrieves a string that contains "SP800_108_CTR_HMAC_SHA256".

 static property Platform::String ^ Sp800108CtrHmacSha256 { Platform::String ^ get(); };
static winrt::hstring Sp800108CtrHmacSha256();
public static string Sp800108CtrHmacSha256 { get; }
var string = KeyDerivationAlgorithmNames.sp800108CtrHmacSha256;
Public Shared ReadOnly Property Sp800108CtrHmacSha256 As String

Property Value


String that contains "SP800_108_CTR_HMAC_SHA256".


Use the string retrieved by this property to set the Key Derivation Function (KDF) name when you call the OpenAlgorithm method on the KeyDerivationAlgorithmProvider class. The string represents a Sp800-108 algorithm in counter mode that uses a Hashed Message Authentication Code based on the Secure Hash Algorithm 256 message digest algorithm (HmacSha256) as the underlying pseudorandom function.

To use this KDF, you must specify the appropriate parameters by calling the BuildForSP800108 method on the KeyDerivationParameters before calling the CreateKey method to derive a key.

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