StorageApplicationPermissions.MostRecentlyUsedList Property


Gets an object that represents a list that an app can use to track the files and/or locations (like folders) that the app has accessed most recently.

 static property StorageItemMostRecentlyUsedList ^ MostRecentlyUsedList { StorageItemMostRecentlyUsedList ^ get(); };
static StorageItemMostRecentlyUsedList MostRecentlyUsedList();
public static StorageItemMostRecentlyUsedList MostRecentlyUsedList { get; }
var storageItemMostRecentlyUsedList = StorageApplicationPermissions.mostRecentlyUsedList;
Public Shared ReadOnly Property MostRecentlyUsedList As StorageItemMostRecentlyUsedList

Property Value


The most recently used (MRU) list object.


If you want to respond to ItemRemoved events, you must register your event handler every time you get a new reference to the StorageItemMostRecentlyUsedList.

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