ThreadPoolTimer.Delay Property


Gets the timeout value of a single-use timer created with CreateTimer.

 property TimeSpan Delay { TimeSpan get(); };
TimeSpan Delay();
public System.TimeSpan Delay { get; }
var timeSpan = threadPoolTimer.delay;
Public ReadOnly Property Delay As TimeSpan

Property Value

TimeSpan TimeSpan

The timeout value. When the timeout value elapses, the timer expires and its TimerElapsedHandler delegate is called.

C++ This amount of time is specified in ticks (100-nanosecond units) using the Windows::Foundation::TimeSpan structure.

JavaScript and C# This amount of time is specified using the System.TimeSpan structure. It can be specified in ticks, or it can be specified in milliseconds, seconds, and so on.


A timer begins counting down as soon as the timer object is created.

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