InkPresenterProtractor.Transform Property


Gets or sets the position and rotation angle of the protractor stencil within the 2-D coordinate space of the InkCanvas.

Both position and rotation are based on the top left corner of the stencil relative to the origin of the InkCanvas.

 property float3x2 Transform { float3x2 get(); void set(float3x2 value); };
float3x2 Transform();

void Transform(float3x2 value);
public Matrix3x2 Transform { get; set; }
var matrix3x2 = inkPresenterProtractor.transform;
inkPresenterProtractor.transform = matrix3x2;
Public Property Transform As Matrix3x2

Property Value

Matrix3x2 Matrix3x2


The position and angle of the stencil as a 3*2 floating point matrix.The default position is the origin of the InkCanvas. The default rotation angle is 0 degrees.


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