WebUIContactVideoCallActivatedEventArgs.Contact Property


Gets the contact for the video call.

 property Contact ^ Contact { Contact ^ get(); };
Contact Contact();
public Contact Contact { get; }
var contact = webUIContactVideoCallActivatedEventArgs.contact;
Public ReadOnly Property Contact As Contact

Property Value


The contact for the video call.



Use the Contact property to collect additional info about the contact that is being video called. The contact can have a name and thumbnail that can be used to represent it in your app’s UI. Or, the contact can have alternative user ids that can be used in case the primary user id is unavailable. The ConnectedServiceAccounts property contains a list of all services available for the contact. You can use the ContactConnectedServiceAccount.ServiceName and ContactConnectedServiceAccount.Id properties on each service to retrieve alternative services and user ids respectively.

Here are possible Contact properties that can be populated during a video call activation:

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