ListViewBase.IncrementalLoadingThreshold Property


Gets or sets the threshold range that governs when the ListViewBase class will begin to prefetch more items.

 property double IncrementalLoadingThreshold { double get(); void set(double value); };
double IncrementalLoadingThreshold();

void IncrementalLoadingThreshold(double value);
public double IncrementalLoadingThreshold { get; set; }
var double = listViewBase.incrementalLoadingThreshold;
listViewBase.incrementalLoadingThreshold = double;
Public Property IncrementalLoadingThreshold As Double
<listViewBase IncrementalLoadingThreshold="double" />

Property Value



The loading threshold, in terms of pages.


The meaning of the page count given for IncrementalLoadingThreshold is that the ListViewBase does not need to request more items via LoadMoreItemsAsync until the trigger condition (see IncrementalLoadingTrigger) gets within the IncrementalLoadingThreshold page range. Setting a larger number (for instance 10 or more) represents a belief that the user might attempt to scroll through the list very quickly, and it is worthwhile devoting resources to loading more items as quickly as possible. Setting a smaller number (for instance 5 or less) represents a belief that the user will scroll through the list less quickly, and that the user's scroll rate will permit the items collection to catch up without being as resource intensive.

IncrementalLoadingThreshold and DataFetchSize both contribute to the possible resource load that is the result of prefetch operations.

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