ListViewBase.SemanticZoomOwner Property


Gets or sets the SemanticZoom instance that hosts the ListViewBase.

 property SemanticZoom ^ SemanticZoomOwner { SemanticZoom ^ get(); void set(SemanticZoom ^ value); };
SemanticZoom SemanticZoomOwner();

void SemanticZoomOwner(SemanticZoom value);
public SemanticZoom SemanticZoomOwner { get; set; }
var semanticZoom = listViewBase.semanticZoomOwner;
listViewBase.semanticZoomOwner = semanticZoom;
Public Property SemanticZoomOwner As SemanticZoom

Property Value


The SemanticZoom instance that hosts this view, or null if the view is not hosted in a SemanticZoom control.



You don't set this property in Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) or in your app code. The property is set implicitly when the view is set as either the ZoomedInView or ZoomedOutView of a SemanticZoom control.

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