MapControl.TransformOrigin Property


Gets or sets a point to which the logical center of the map is transformed.

 property Point TransformOrigin { Point get(); void set(Point value); };
Point TransformOrigin();

void TransformOrigin(Point value);
public Point TransformOrigin { get; set; }
var point = mapControl.transformOrigin;
mapControl.transformOrigin = point;
Public Property TransformOrigin As Point

Property Value

A point to which the logical center of the map is transformed. Use a value between 0 and 1 (but not 0 or 1) for the X and Y properties of the Point.


The TransformOrigin represents a point around which the map rotates – for example, when the user manipulates the map, or when you change the value of the Heading property. Consider setting the Y value of the TransformOrigin to a value greater than 0.5 when the map is tilted - that is, when the Pitch is greater than 0. This moves the logical center closer to the user - that is, closer to the bottom of the screen - and shows the user more of what’s in the distance when the map is rotated.

After you set the value of the TransformOrigin property for the MapControl, the Center property continues to return the previous center until you set the Center to the same value as the TransformOrigin.

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