PathIcon.Data Property


Gets or sets a Geometry that specifies the shape to be drawn. In XAML. this can also be set using a string that describes Move and draw commands syntax.

 property Geometry ^ Data { Geometry ^ get(); void set(Geometry ^ value); };
Geometry Data();

void Data(Geometry value);
public Geometry Data { get; set; }
var geometry =; = geometry;
Public Property Data As Geometry
- or -
<PathIcon Data="moveAndDrawCommands"/>

Property Value


A description of the shape to be drawn.


This example shows an AppBarButton with a PathIcon.

<!-- App bar button with path icon. -->
<AppBarButton Label="PathIcon" Click="AppBarButton_Click">
        <PathIcon Data="F1 M 16,12 20,2L 20,16 1,16" HorizontalAlignment="Center"/>

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