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RichEditBox.TextWrapping Property


Gets or sets a value that indicates how text wrapping occurs if a line of text extends beyond the available width of the RichEditBox.

 property TextWrapping TextWrapping { TextWrapping get(); void set(TextWrapping value); };
TextWrapping TextWrapping();

void TextWrapping(TextWrapping value);
public TextWrapping TextWrapping { get; set; }
var textWrapping = richEditBox.textWrapping;
richEditBox.textWrapping = textWrapping;
Public Property TextWrapping As TextWrapping
<RichEditBox TextWrapping="Wrap"/>
<RichEditBox TextWrapping="NoWrap"/>

Property Value

One of the TextWrapping enumeration values that specifies whether text is wrapped. The default is Wrap.


TextBox and RichEditBox don't support the WrapWholeWords value for their TextWrapping properties. If you try to use WrapWholeWords as a value for TextBox.TextWrapping or RichEditBox.TextWrapping an invalid argument exception is thrown.

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