Slider.SnapsTo Property


Gets or sets a value that indicates how the Slider conforms the thumb position to its steps or tick marks.

 property SliderSnapsTo SnapsTo { SliderSnapsTo get(); void set(SliderSnapsTo value); };
SliderSnapsTo SnapsTo();

void SnapsTo(SliderSnapsTo value);
public SliderSnapsTo SnapsTo { get; set; }
var sliderSnapsTo = slider.snapsTo;
slider.snapsTo = sliderSnapsTo;
Public Property SnapsTo As SliderSnapsTo
<Slider SnapsTo="sliderSnapsToMemberName" />

Property Value


An enumeration value that specifies whether the Slider snaps to steps or tick marks. The default is StepValues.


Set the SnapsTo property to specify whether the Slider snaps to tick marks or step values. Set the TickFrequency or StepFrequency property to specify the interval between snap points.

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