Slider.ThumbToolTipValueConverter Property


Gets or sets the converter logic that converts the range value of the Slider into tool tip content.

 property IValueConverter ^ ThumbToolTipValueConverter { IValueConverter ^ get(); void set(IValueConverter ^ value); };
IValueConverter ThumbToolTipValueConverter();

void ThumbToolTipValueConverter(IValueConverter value);
public IValueConverter ThumbToolTipValueConverter { get; set; }
var iValueConverter = slider.thumbToolTipValueConverter;
slider.thumbToolTipValueConverter = iValueConverter;
Public Property ThumbToolTipValueConverter As IValueConverter
<Slider ThumbToolTipValueConverter="referenceToValueConverter" />

Property Value


A converter implementation.


By default, the Slider's thumb tooltip shows the numeric value of the slider. To show other values in the thumb tooltip, you create a custom value converter and assign it to the ThumbToolTipValueConverter property.

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