How to specify capabilities in a package manifest

Note  For Windows 10, see uap:Capability, Capability, and What's different in Windows 10.


To declare each capability required by your app, add a Capability element to the package manifest.

Alternatively, you can package your app using Visual Studio. See Packaging your app using Visual Studio.


Step 1:

Follow the steps in How to create a basic package manifest.

Step 2:

Determine the capabilities that your app needs. Any capabilities that are required by an API are listed in the documentation and IntelliSense ToolTip for the API. For more info, see App capability declarations.

Step 3:

Add one Capability element per capability. Here's an example Capabilities node that declares 3 capabilities.

  <Capability Name="internetClient"/>
  <Capability Name="musicLibrary"/>
  <Capability Name="videosLibrary"/>

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