Contains the locations of custom fonts to be shared with other apps. For more information about this extension, see this article.


Before you can submit an app that uses this extension to the Store, you must first obtain approval from the Store team. To obtain approval, go to, click Contact us, and choose options relevant to submitting apps to the dashboard. This approval process helps to ensure that there are no conflicts between fonts installed by your app and fonts that are installed with the OS. If you do not obtain approval, you will receive an error similar to the following when you submit your app: "Package acceptance validation error: You can't use extension windows.sharedFonts with this account. Contact our support team if you'd like to request permissions to use this extension."

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  <!-- Child elements -->


Attributes and elements



Child elements

Child Element Description
Font Specifies the shared fonts.

Parent elements

Parent element Description
uap4:Extension Declares an extensibility point for the app.


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