/ResetSettings (devenv.exe)

Applies to: yesVisual Studio noVisual Studio for Mac noVisual Studio Code

Restores Visual Studio default settings and automatically launches the Visual Studio IDE. This switch optionally resets the settings to a specified settings file (*.vssettings).

The default settings come from the profile that was selected when Visual Studio was first launched.


To learn how to reset settings using the integrated development environment (IDE), see Reset settings.


devenv /ResetSettings [SettingsFile|DefaultCollectionSpecifier]


  • SettingsFile

    Optional. The full path and name of the .vssettings file to apply to Visual Studio.

  • DefaultCollectionSpecifier

    Optional. A specifier representing a default collection of settings to restore. Choose one of the default collection specifiers listed in the table.

    Default collection name Collection specifier
    General General
    JavaScript JavaScript
    Visual Basic VB
    Visual C# CSharp
    Visual C++ VC
    Web Development Web
    Web Development (Code Only) WebCode


If no SettingsFile is specified, the IDE opens using the existing settings.


The first example applies the settings stored in the file MySettings.vssettings.

The second example restores the Visual C# default profile.

The third example will also close Visual Studio after apply the settings. You can append /Command "File.Exit".

devenv /ResetSettings "%USERPROFILE%\MySettings.vssettings"

devenv /ResetSettings CSharp

devenv /NoSplash /ResetSettings General /Command Exit 

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