IntelliCode for Visual Studio Code overview

The IntelliCode extension for Visual Studio Code provides artificial intelligence-assisted IntelliSense for Python, Java, TypeScript, and JavaScript. AI-assisted IntelliSense predicts the most likely correct API for the developer to use rather than just presenting an alphabetical list of members. It uses the developer's current code context and patterns to provide this dynamic list.

IntelliCode for Python in Visual Studio Code

Supported languages

The supported languages for AI-assisted IntelliSense completions are:

  • Java
  • JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Python
  • SQL


To install the extension, you need Visual Studio Code October 2018 Release 1.29 or later.

To get AI-assisted IntelliSense for Java, you need Java 8 Update 151 or higher. (If you have a previous Java 8 version, you'll see the error Illegal key size, and IntelliCode AI-assisted IntelliSense recommendations won't work.)


This section provides some troubleshooting tips for common problems.

No completion lists

If you don't see any IntelliSense completion lists, try these steps:

  • Look at the output window for the language you're trying to use and see if there's an actionable error message.

  • Try disabling the IntelliCode extension and see if you get any IntelliSense completions. If you do see IntelliSense completions with IntelliCode disabled, look through the existing issues or open a new one.

You can also try the following troubleshooting steps for your language:

No starred suggestions

If you see IntelliSense completion lists, but none of the completion items are starred, look at the VS IntelliCode output window.

  • Is there a network error?

    • Are you able to access the internet normally?

    • Are you behind a proxy or restrictive firewall?

    When using IntelliCode, you may see the error message "Couldn't download IntelliCode model. Please check your network connectivity or firewall settings.", or see similar messages in the IntelliCode output window pane in Visual Studio Code. You might also see no IntelliCode starred suggestions. If you connect to the internet through a proxy or restrictive firewall, that may cause these issues.

    As a first step, try updating to Visual Studio Code 1.30 or later, and turning on network proxy support .

    If turning on network proxy support doesn't work for you, check the corresponding github issue and let us know more.

  • Is there an actionable message that helps?

If you're still facing a problem, look through the existing issues or open a new one.

Provide feedback

If you encounter a problem, you can browse existing issues and upvote them using a 👍 "thumbs up" reaction. If you don't see your particular problem, click the Send feedback about > This product button at the bottom of this page to create a new issue. Include any Output window log entries from Visual Studio IntelliCode, Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, or SQL with the bug.

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