Tutorial: Extending an existing ASP.NET Core web application in Visual Studio for Mac


Visual Studio for Mac is scheduled for retirement on August 31, 2024 in accordance with Microsoft’s Modern Lifecycle Policy. While you can continue to work with Visual Studio for Mac, there are several other options for developers on Mac such as the preview version of the new C# Dev Kit extension for VS Code.

Learn more about support timelines and alternatives.

In these tutorials, you will be working with the eShopOnWeb reference app. Each step consists of a video and a tutorial doc.

Step 1: Getting started with eShopOnWeb

This video will walk you through getting started with the eShopOnWeb application using Visual Studio for Mac.

Step-by-step walkthrough

Step 2: Working with the eShopOnWeb solution

You will learn how to work with the eShopOnWeb solution in Visual Studio for Mac.

Step-by-step walkthrough

Step 3: Adding Docker and running it locally

You will learn how to add Docker containers to the eShopOnWeb application as well as how to run and debug the dockerized application.

Step-by-step walkthrough

Step 4: Deploying to Azure App Services

You will learn how to deploy the eShopOnWeb application to Azure App Services.

Step-by-step walkthrough

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